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Copyleft Games

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Copyleft Games Group

We are game developers who promote players' rights to create, play, mod, and share games as collaborative community works.


Copyleft means a work is made available under a license which allows anyone to use, modify, and redistribute that work - with or without modification - so long as everyone who receives a copy is given the same rights.

[IMAGE]The GNU Affero General Public License is our most popular game license for both game code and artistic assets.



PySoy is a 3d cloud game engine designed for games to be run on servers and accessed by any number of devices including Android and HTML/5 web browsers. While its designed for Python, the engine itself is written in C, Genie, and GLSL.

RaspberrySoy is our PySoy client for the RaspberryPi $25 credit-card sized computer. Its written in Genie.

SweetSoy is our PySoy client for Android. Its written in C (NDK) and Java.


Getting Started

[IMAGE]Freenode (IRC) is where most mentors and students hang out.

Using any IRC client, connect to and then the appropriate channel;

#CopyleftGames is for general organizational help and for smaller projects which don't have their own channel.

#PySoy is for PySoy related work including the core engine and clients. Most PySoy mentors and students can be found here.

#GSoC is for general questions about Google Code-In (and Google Summer of Code)


Remember that Google Code-In is a global program and while spread across many timezones, mentors are human beings who must eat, sleep, and perform other daily tasks that exclude being able to always answer immediately.

Ask a question and someone will answer it when they see it. If you cannot remain connected long enough to get an answer, try sending a short email to instead.

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