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Bitfighter: Mappable editor keys

completed by: Jacob Logan

mentors: watusimoto, kaen, raptor

Remember to join our IRC channel when working on this task! We are on #bitfighter at We are friendly!


Instructions to check out the source code, build, and get set-up are here

Your task

You can currently remap game controls, but not keys in the editor. We'd like to change that. This task involves creating a system for remapping editor keys by modifying the INI file. It does NOT require creating a UI for doing the remapping.

Three main elements are involved:

  1. Add code to read/write a section in the INI for editor keys. We have a new settings system that will streamline this task.
  2. Replace the hard-coded key bindings in the editor with variables that refer back to the binding in the INI, above.
  3. Update the editor help to show the settings from the INI.

This task will be fairly long, but not overly difficult. Each of the above elements has been done elsewhere in the code, so there are good models to follow. It will, however, require becoming acquainted with our editor and UI system, which can be a bit scary :-) (though, in my opinion, they have more bark than bite).

If you work on this task, be sure to work closely with the mentors, especially watusimoto, to make sure you get going in the right direction.