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Bitfighter: Nickname tab-completion in in-game chat

completed by: Ondrej Skopek

mentors: watusimoto, kaen, raptor

Remember to join our IRC channel when working on this task! We are on #bitfighter at We are friendly!


Instructions to check out the source code, build, and get set-up are here

Your task

Bitfighter has an in-game chat system that you can use to send messages to everyone or your team only. It would be useful to have tab-completion when trying to talk to a specific person. Your task would be to implement tab-completion for any player names currently in the game.

For example, when in the game, you'd press 'g' to open a global chat, then type 'Hello r', then press TAB and have it complete the word out to 'raptor' (if raptor was a current player in the game). If there are other players with names that begin with 'r', then you could press TAB again to cycle to the next player starting with that letter.

We already have most (if not all) of the logic to do tab-completion coded. Your job would be to detect it in the chat box and then hook up the player list with it.