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Bitfighter: CMake: Add OpenGL ES support

completed by: Jacob Logan

mentors: watusimoto, kaen, raptor

Remember to join our IRC channel when working on this task! We are on #bitfighter at We are friendly!


Instructions to check out the source code, build, and get set-up are here

Your task

Bitfighter can compile with OpenGL or OpenGL ES; however, the CMake system only detects GL and not GLES. Your job will be to add CMake detection support for GLES.

This task will require you to compile against SDL2 as SDL 1.2 does not support GLES (Bitfighter supports both). It is recommended that you use a Linux distribution that has SDL2 development packages available.

The purpose of adding GLES will allow bitfighter to build easier on the multitude of Linux-based, GLES-only, compact systems that are getting popular (like Raspberry pi).