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Google Summer of Code 2015


License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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Saros is an Open Source IDE plugin for distributed collaborative software development.

  • All participants of a Saros session have an identical local copy of the projects they work on.
  • They can work in their usual IDE using all of its features (currently only Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA support in the making).
  • Saros keeps their copies in sync, so everyone can work completely concurrently and in real-time.

Saros uses the XMPP protocol (Jabber) and is used by software developers around the world with over 1000 downloads per months.

Saros is written in Java and so far, over 50 developers from three different countries contributed to it. We emphasize code reviews to ensure a high internal quality.


  • Implement an IDE plugin that checks archetecture using Archnemisis rules The objective is to implement a new IDE plugin for Eclipse (and if there is time, Intellij IDEA) which performs architecture error checking on code while on a local machine. The code analysis will be done with Archnemisis and annotate any violations that occur while developers are working on their code. The new plugin will ensure that potentially problematic issues are caught early and fixed before they are built upon and cause issues later down the line.
  • Project Proposal: Features for Saros for IntelliJ IDEA Saros is an Open Source Eclipse plugin for distributed collaborative software development. Saros can be very useful in scenarios like joint reviews, teaching beginners, distributed party and pair programming. Developers are working on a version of Saros for IntelliJ IDEA. The development is work in progress. This GSoC project is focused to improve the IntelliJ IDEA integration of Saros.