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Google Summer of Code 2015

PostgreSQL Project

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The PostgreSQL Project develops the most advanced relational database in the world. With a long-time feature set incorporating advanced SQL and many unique extensions of the database engine, our database project is seeking students and other contributors who want to extend it in new and novel ways.  In addition to the core database, we invite students to apply to work on tools and drivers.


  • Refining Simulated Annealing approach for query optimization Around 2010, Jan Urbański proposed SAIO - extension using Simulated Annealing approach as a possible replacement for Genetic Query Optimizer (GEQO). It proved to generate valid query plans, often comparable or better than GEQO plans. SAIO was not yet merged into source tree because it did not meet Postgres code quality and portability standards. The aim of this project is to start from where Jan left off, verify SAIO approach and push it forward to become Postgres-quality module.
  • Sequential disk access during VACUUM for GiST Hello. My name is Kuznetsov Constantine and I want to recode vecuum for gist. Now vacuum for gist reads blocks in logical order, but there is a possibility to make reading is more sequential.