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NumFOCUS supports and promotes world-class, innovative, open source scientific software. Most individual projects, even the wildly successful ones, find the overhead of a non-profit to be too large for their community to bear. NumFOCUS provides a critical service as an umbrella organization for this projects.


  • Cython API for DyND DyND is an array math library written in C++ and designed to improve on the functionality of NumPy. Its implementation as a C++ library allows it to be used for vector math at the C++ level without any interaction with Python objects. It is proposed that the Python wrapper for DyND be modified to provide an API for Cython extension modules so that array arithmetic operations can be used in Cython without the overhead of interacting with Python objects.
  • Enhance Amy, a workshop-management platform for Software Carpentry Software Carpentry is growing rapidly. All the management for its workshops is currently being done by 1-2 persons and in very rough conditions (via files and text notes). That's why Amy was created: to help Software Carpentry admins schedule workshops, assign instructors to workshops, and even coordinate training for new instructors. The aim of this project is to continue enhancing Amy. Many people suggested great ideas for Amy, some even implemented them, but not much was actually merged.
  • JuliaQuantum : Framework for solvers The aim of the project is to equip JuliaQuantum libraries with solvers used in quantum mechanics. Goals of the project include: 1.Framework to solve Schrodinger and Quantum Master Equations by Exponential solvers, ODE solvers, Monte Carlo Wave Function Method, Steady State Methods. 2.Parallelizing some of the above tasks using the existing infrastructure for parallel computing features in Julia. 3.In the course of integrating other packages, contribute back to improve their functionality.