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The Fedora Project

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The Fedora Project is a worldwide community of developers who build and release the Fedora Linux distribution, as well as other deliverables that are part of the larger Fedora ecosystem and infrastructure of participation. The Fedora Project is designed to showcase the best software the open source world has to offer, and to lead the advancement of the world of open source development. The Fedora Project refuses to yield on important issues such as software patents and proprietary software, allowing none of this into the distribution and the project as a whole. We ship a completely open source and redistributable software platform, and invest sizeable amounts of time into the development of open standards and open source. For example, the Fedora Project is one of the leaders in the development of the Nouveau drivers for nVidia graphics cards. Our developers invest much of their time directly in the upstream projects Fedora works with, and our community strives to maintain good standing with all of its upstreams. Above all else, the Fedora Project has four Foudations which drive the project and the distribution: Features, Friends, Freedom and First. These are outlined on our website in more detail.



  • AskFedora UX/UI & Functionality Overhaul Project Proposal AskFedora is a well known knowledge base to provide support for the Fedora users all over the world. It is also a support forum where we can question things and answer as well. The popularity of AskFedora with time has lead it to the point to have a complete UX and UI overhaul. This proposal gives a complete overview of how I am going to contribute in the complete redesigning process of AskFedora including my approach towards the project, and the tentative timeline.
  • Fresque Fedora Fresque is a standard Python web application that abstracts away intricacies in package review process. Currently for any package to enter the fedora repository has to go through the review process which is mechanical and manual, during this period contributors receives valuable feedbacks but once the package gets imported; all the information is lost.
  • GlitterGallery I don't have to tell you for you to know that collaboration tool for designers suck. Enter GG(GlitterGallery), with options to share your work publicly and collaborate with others. Backed with git and integration with sparkleshare, on GG you will be able to host your local as well as online repos. It requires work on its commenting system, view of the history and projects' landing page, integration of sparkleshare and inkscape, adding tags to projects and issues etc.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird - Integrate JMAP into Thunderbird I plan to make JMAP protocol usable in Thunderbird using addon approach using SkinkGlue. My main focus will be to successfully demonstrate that we can receive messages in Thunderbird using JMAP protocol.
  • Multimonitor wallpaper submission and download for Nuancier Nuancier is a Python Flask voting application for the supplementary wallpapers included in Fedora releases. My project aims to solve the design constraint that doesn't let users with multi monitor setup to take advantage of these high resolution wallpapers such that they can set different parts of wallpaper on different monitors without breaking its continuity. Upload feature will also be enhanced to support already split images of a wallpaper.