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CiviCRM is web-based, open source, Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) software geared toward meeting the needs of non-profit and other civic-sector organizations which is used by ~8,000 organizations.  CiviCRM is the CRM of several Google Summer of Code mentoring organizations from previous years including CERN, Creative Commons, Drupal Association, and Electronic Frontier Foundation.  Organizations using CiviCRM manage donations, mass mailings (postal and email), event registration, and membership payments of more than 100 million contacts.  

As a non profit committed to the public good, CiviCRM understands that forging and growing strong relationships with constituents is about more than collecting and tracking constituent data - it's about sustaining relationships with supporters over time. To this end, CiviCRM has created a robust web-based, open source, highly customizable CRM to meet organizations’ highest expectations right out-of-the box. Each new release of this open source software reflects the very real needs of its users as enhancements are continually given back to the community.


CiviCRM is localized in over 45 languages including: Chinese (Taiwan/China), Dutch, English (Australia/Canada/UK/US), French (France/Canada), German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.


  • Civi Mobile - An Android App for your CRM needs As the title of the project may suggest, the idea is to provide a more integrated experience of CiviCRM through the gadget one might be using all the time - the mobile phone. Civi Mobile will act more like a digital assistant which will help perform tasks set on the web version of CiviCRM.
  • CiviCRM - Social Media Integration Social Media websites are one of the most powerful engagement platforms in today’s world. CiviCRM currently is not making full use of these websites, and has a lot of possibilities for allowing non-profits to have a better engagement and reach. The project aims to provide non-profits with features like Social Connect, One click signup, Events Share etc to improve reach and make CiviCRM easier to use.
  • CiviCRM: Strategic Fundraising and Campaigning The 'Strategic Fundraising and Campaigning' project focuses on extending the functionality of CiviContribute module with hierarchical campaigns, more detailed metrics, reports and statistics in order to enhance the capabilities of CiviCRM for strategic fundraising and campaigning.
  • Email Preview Cluster The goal of this project is to develop an open-source backend for previewing email content on a range of different webmail services such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Microsoft Live. We'll be using Selenium Webdriver, based on NodeJS, to implement browser automation on the backend. It will automatically send the email to accounts on these webmail services, which will then be logged in to, one by one, and screenshots will be taken. These screenshots will be displayed to the user on the frontend.
  • Integrating Google Analytics With CiviCRM And A/B Testing The project involves integrating various API's provided by Google Analytics with CiviCRM for better web tracking.
  • New API: Open Supporter Data Interface Implementation The OSDI API implementation is in line with CiviCRM's mission to be an open platform for organizations of all sizes. Creating the implementation will allow them to use the OSDI API easily. The existence of a common API will reduce progressive data vendors’ customer costs related to moving data between different systems, lower integration costs and enhance the ability of innovators to create products for the marketplace.
  • Predictive and Data Mining The main aim of the project is to add prediction to the existing data, i.e. to be able to make predictions about how likely an individual would respond positively or negatively or neutrally to a particular engagement action given their relationship history.
  • Social Media integration The Social Media Integration project is one that i have significant interest in. my proposal details my personal information with links to some required supporting documents, also i have detailed my experience in OSS. i addition to these, i have also included a detail project description, implementation, and proposed schedule.