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Google Summer of Code 2015

CentOS Project

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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The CentOS Project is a community that rebuilds Red Hat Enterprise Linux in to the well-known, stable, predictable, manageable, and reproduceable CentOS Linux core. Special interest groups (SIGs) then build variants of CentOS around this community development platform.


  • A Single installer ISO that delivers a functional Xen4 stack on CentOS 6. My project goal is to deliver set of scripts preferrably in bash, along with all necessay packages to convert standared installers ISOs into customized ISOs which install CentOS 6/7 + xen + libvirt + 2 pv VMs running + network configuration( bridge networking). I also plan to deliver xapi repo which can be used to build a custom installer ISO to install CentOS 6 + xen + xapi.
  • Cloud in a box (Mentor: Rich Bowen ) Cloud infrastructure has multiple variants and the learning curve required to deploy cloud for users new to the technology is very steep. It becomes increasingly inefficient in case someone just wants to try out an application to test the benefits of cloud. To alleviate this issue, a convenient auto configurable cloud setup (OpenStack) is proposed which is based on best practices in the industry.
  • Implement and create new documentation toolchain The goal of the project is to create a toolchain to make it easy for people to contribute new, short-form content articles. This proposed toolchain will allow people to contribute article in a very easy way, then after getting it reviewed and tagged, push it into centos git repository as well as upstream repositories which are tagged. The toolchain at each step will convert the document into appropriate format, apply styles according to guidelines and update the appropriate documentation site.
  • Implement and create new documentation toolchain A toolchain to minimize the barrier of contributing documentations. Focused of how-to docs and simplicity.
  • Lightweight Cloud Instance Contextualization Tool Virtual Machines, due to their portable nature, are used in different virtual environments like clouds. These VMs need a way to configure themselves according to the environment they are in. This process is called contextualization and consists of user management, firewall configuration, and much more. However, current tools used for contextualization are heavyweight, slow and hard to customize. This proposal proposes a new contextualization tool that solves these problems.
  • RootFS Build Factory for CentOS Once CentOS for ARM is released, board vendors will want to release custom images. Every vendor will have their kernel,firmware & bootloader that they would want to integrate into images. I would like to work on a set of tools & scripts that makes generation of such images easy. Available tools like ImageFactory presently focus mainly on VM & cloud images. For handling the nitty-gritty of ARM systems I propose development of a set of yum plugins & tools, either separately or with ImageFactory.