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The WorldForge project is about building tools to allow the construction of virtual worlds. The original community came together over a decade ago, out of a desire to create a game that was better and freer than Ultima Online. But as the aims of the project evolved and became more ambitious, the overall goal changed. Instead of one game, we instead decided build a flexible framework that would allow everyone to contribute their own unique ideas and goals to the Worldforge project, allowing a multitude of games to be created. Our core focus is the construction of a complete system with all the tools, technology, content and artwork required to build complex persistent online virtual worlds. As part of our commitment to a vibrant virtual worlds ecosystem, we're also acting as an umbrella project for both Ryzom Core and CEGUI. Ryzom Core is a framework built to encourage and facilitate the creation of open-source MMORPG projects and worlds. It contains all of the essential functionality needed for a mid-to-large scale MMO. Ryzom Core is a complete platform for MMORPG development and includes a vast array of artistic assets, tools, services and a full featured client so that a new project can sit down and begin creation on day one. Crazy Eddie's GUI System (CEGUI) is a free library providing windowing and widgets for graphics APIs / engines where such functionality is not natively available, or severely lacking. The library is object-oriented, written in C++, and targeted at game and application developers who should be spending their time creating great games and not on building GUI sub-systems!


  • [CEGUI] LookNFeel editor for CEED The proposed project aims to improve CEGUI's ease of creating new skins by adding a Skinning Editor to the CEED toolset. CEGUI widget skins are defined in look n' feel files (XML) and can currently only be created and modified using text editors. The editor would help to see changes immediately and would make the editing faster and easier.
  • [CEGUI] Model/View widgets The project involves unifying the underlying implementation of several listed widgets (Tree, ListBox, ComboBox, etc.) so they use the same base model. Also, the aim is to allow a modular model/view approach (separation of concerns) on getting the actual listed widgets data, without requiring manual and duplicate operations on the widgets and the underlying model data (e.g.: adding/removing items from a list).
  • [Ryzom Core] OVQT Tool Conversions and Improvements Object Viewer QT ( OVQT ) is a tool that is intended to replace the legacy MFC based tools for Ryzom Core. Over the years there's been substantial effort put into converting the old tools into plugins of OVQT. The project I am proposing aims to finish some of those plugins, and polish others.
  • Improve Ember with Android and multi-touch support Android is actually getting the biggest and most portable gaming platform in the world. So android support is a sure thing to do to open the gates for a big audience in short and long-term. My GSoC goal is to reach that audience with great multi-touch experience and Android support. For the 2013+ notebook market's direction to sell notebooks with touchscreens and to focus on tablet/convertible sales, I will also provide multi-touch for the desktop.
  • Integration of SmartBody system into Ember client framework Ember is a client framework providing a dynamic 3D graphical environment. It allows to create worlds and characters, who can interact with their environment. In order to obtain a more natural rendering of the characters's movements, we propose to integrate SmartBody functionalities into Ember engine. SmartBody is an animation platform allowing the manipulation of 3D humanoid models. Concretely, it will enable Ember characters to have a more realistic and human-like behavior.
  • Proposal for "AI Entity filter" idea. I plan to work on AI entity filter using similar approaches to how SQL and big databases work.
  • RyzomCore:Ryzom App Improvements The current open source App framework has no regulation of app and privilege security and has no way to dynamically introduce new apps. The improvements to the App framework should include adding a standard way for introducing new apps and management of access to apps through privilege levels.