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Google Summer of Code 2014

Project Tox

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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Project Tox, or Tox as we're often called is a free and open source replacement to the well used proprietary application Skype. Unlike Skype, Tox focuses on both security and privacy, utilizing a distributed hash table and onion routing mechanism to create an infrastructure without an infrastructure, all while maintaining fluid voice, video, and text chats. Unlike our competitors, Tox focuses on doing things like encryption transparently, removing the idea of a learning curve, to help design something that even Grandma could use.


  • A new Tox client Windows is the most widespread operating system: it is critical for Project Tox to properly support the Windows platform. There are already two Tox GUI clients which support Windows: Venom and Qt GUI. Unfortunately, neither of these clients are suitable for widespread adoption on Windows. My proposal is to create a new Tox client which will be suitable for widespread adoption on Windows.
  • Development of Android Client (Antox) This is a project to design and develop the Android Tox client Antox, and to implement any Tox core features that would improve the mobile experience. A large proportion of people nowadays use mobile devices for the bulk of their online communication, as it is useful to be able to communicate wherever you are. For some people, Android devices are their main or even only computing device, so for Tox to succeed, it needs an Android client.
  • Otruta - crypto-protected walkie-talkie tool Otruta is an activist group cooperation tool built upon Tox framework. It features a push-to-talk mode of communication, a web-of-trust oriented coordination model and a mobile client empowered with QR/NFC as means of spreading out of band information. Otruta aims to replace commercial software like Zello in civil society self-organization applications, providing better confidentiality and flexibility with hopes of becoming a powerful weapon for emerging bottom-up and horizontal democracies.
  • Project Tox Proposal Hey Tox devs, I'm 'red' from IRC! My goals in working with the Tox Project over the Summer would be to assist naxuroqa in bringing A/V to the Venom client. I have already started helping him in my spare time between classes, providing some webcam and microphone capture code. I'm confident that we will have A/V support in Venom well before the end of the Summer. After that, I can help wherever is needed. I have already talked to mannol about helping with congestion control in toxcore.