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Scaffold Hunter

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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Scaffold Hunter is a tool for the visual analysis of data sets with a focus on data from the life sciences, aiming at an intuitive access to large and complex data sets. The tool offers a variety of views, e.g. graph view, treemap, dendrogram, plot, and analysis methods, e.g. clustering and classification. Scaffold Hunter is meant to be a reusable platform for different application areas, and offers flexible plugin and data integration mechanisms to allow adaption to new fields and data sets. Scaffold Hunter is used worldwide in research, both academic and commercial, and for teaching at the Technical University Dortmund, Germany, and the University of Sydney, Australia. The tool is implemented in Java.


  • Heatmap and Dendrogram to Visualize Clustered Data Huge amounts of data are hard to interpret by humans. This also applies to chemical databases which store complex data about molecules for further analysis. Scientists need to explore this multi-dimensional data in an efficient way. A combination of a Heatmap and a Dendrogram enables users to explore the data in a new way. The Heatmap with clustered rows and columns brings new insights into the data regarding to various properties.
  • Molecule Clouds I'd like to implement a dynamic molecule clouds view, which will result in making analysis of the database much easier and efficient.
  • Substructure Search Substructure search is used to find out all molecules of a data set that contains a user specified fragment and is a specific way to query molecular database. It will help to spot specific structures in the visualization of large data set and will support drug discovery process