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Sahana Software Foundation

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The Mission of the Sahana Software Foundation is to help alleviate human suffering by giving emergency managers, disaster response professionals and communities access to the information that they need to better prepare for and respond to disasters through the development and promotion of free and open source software and open standards.


  • Chat In Sahana Eden An efficient and secure chat implementation which is integrated into Sahana Eden.
  • Deploying Vesuvius on Android Devices This GSoC project mainly aims on creating an Android based application which can deploy a Vesuvius instance on the device itself instantly without any configuration what so ever, which then can be accessed by any other Wi-Fi enabled device via a Wi-Fi hotspot created by the same device. Creating a mobile friendly responsive theme for Vesuvius is also included in this project.
  • Deployment Tools for Sahana Eden The aim of the project is to implement an application using Eden which makes it easier to deploy instances of Sahana Eden remotely on Amazon EC2 instances or Generic Linux Servers. The app may be used by deployers locally to create new deployments and may further be evolved to be used as a co-app that may be deployed along with the Eden instance to allow its configuration using a WebUI.
  • Enhancing the Sahana-Eden CAP broker for Multi-agency Situational Awareness Enhancing the Sahana-Eden CAP broker for multi-agency situational awareness. Fixing previous issues and adding several other important features.
  • Functional test suite using robot framework Creating an automated testing suite using Robot Framework which is configurable, easy to write, easy to maintain and provides in depth logs and reports.
  • GIS Module for Sahana - DMU Sri Lanka Geographic information system is a vital tool in disaster management and there are many uses of it when a disaster situation outbursts. It allows to enter, manage, analyse, visualise geospatial data.
  • GSoC 2014 - Completion of Vesuvius-Kilauea Merge Sahana Kilauea is a product used in conjunction with Sahana Mayon by the City of New York. However, as this is merely a flavor of Vesuvius, Objective is to merge in the modules from Kilauea in to Vesuvius to create a single complete product. The initial work for this was complete during GSoC 2013 and looking forward to complete and polish the work done last year.
  • Import Wizard for Missing and Found Persons During disaster events, data is managed in many different formats. Spreadsheets are predominantly used to store data in these situations. This project aims to create an import wizard for Vesuvius that will be able to import missing-person structured data from such sources.
  • Sahana Sunflower Implement Sahana Sunflower as a Sahana Eden template that will be used by the Sahana Software Foundation (SSF) as a community management and coordination tool.
  • Vesuvius Installer Completion Complete the newly identified and all the remaining tasks of Sahana Vesuvius Instalelr module which will help user to set Vesuvius without bothering of manually editing configurations files and creating initial databases from the back end.