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Google Summer of Code 2014


License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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Mailing List: For GSoC communication, we will use the opensuse-project mailing list ( This is also our main project mailing list -- we want students to dive in the community :-) To subscribe, please see

openSUSE is a community project to promote the use of Linux everywhere, focusing on the openSUSE distribution itself but also on infrastructure tools like the Build Service, that are used by other projects (Meego, for example). The openSUSE project delivers everything that developers and enthusiasts need to get started with Linux. We are a worldwide project, with a community of people with different levels of expertise, speaking different languages and having different cultural backgrounds, and we embrace a wide variety of technology. We rely on contributions from the community and this is why we have opened the access to our development process, and we are working on extensive community development programs.


  • Add Snapshot management API to libvirt Xenlight driver This project aims implement Xen virtual machines snapshot management API to enable Xen users to easily manage snapshots using libvirt client applications.
  • ePub support in Atril (MATE) My work is aimed towards providing ePub rendering capabilities in Atril, the document viewer of the Mate desktop environment. On the completion of this project the Mate document viewer will be able to successfully render and display ePub publications without the need of any additional software. This would be a step further in providing complete document reading capabilities to the users.
  • Event Splash page for Visitors In Open Source Event Manager Application. To build a Event splash page for every event for visitors so that the data or statistics related to the event are gathered in one single page and the URL(event specific) can be used as reference to publicize about the event.Add email and in-house(for live website)notifications about various updates related to events and user updated data. Also some social integration with Facebook and Twitter for publicity of the events across social media.
  • Extend Git-Review to support BitBucket Git-Review is a tool to facilitate project review workflow using pull requests. Ideally it should be platform-agnostic and work with different git systems. It currently only works with GitHub, and this project is therefore to extend Git-Review to support other platforms, specifically BitBucket and Gitlab.
  • Implement an application-level LBaaS driver for Zorp The Load Balancer as a Service (LBaaS) extension provides OpenStack users with the ability to load balance their networks. The goal of the project is to enhance the load balancer feature of Zorp, properly package it for openSUSE and make Zorp available as LBaaS for both OpenStack and OpenSUSE users.
  • Improving the functionality of the extensions system in Caja Caja, the file manager for MATE, has a library that allows developers to extend its functionality. Extensions are loaded when Caja starts, and cannot be activated during runtime. The necessity to either restart Caja is inconvenient and can be confusing to new users. The goal of this project is to improve Caja to allow integration of extensions during runtime. This requires Caja to keep track of available extensions, and will also allow extension configuration from a singular user interface.
  • Integrate Snapper Snapshot browsing into openSUSE Desktop tools Snapper is a snapshot management tool for Btrfs subvolumes and LVM thin-provisioned logical volumes. Currently it is only available as a CLI client and a YaST module. The aim of this project is to create a GUI client for snapper and integrate this client with openSUSE desktop environments.
  • MATE: Port from deprecated GStreamer 0.10 This project is based on the project idea to introduce GStreamer 1.0 support into the MATE desktop environment in order to replace dependency on the deprecated GStreamer 0.10 library. As port to the current GStreamer 1.0 is not feasible due to removed functionality, this project is based on an alternative approach to develop a new library abstracting access to lower level libraries that provide equivalent functionality supported on modern desktop Linux/UNIX operating systems.
  • Open Source Event Manager (OSEM): Implemention Organizer Dashboard In the FOSS community it's quite normal to work together with people that are distributed all over the world. Many developers just know each other through the internet. One great chance to meet people you just know so far from the internet in real life are open source conferences. To manage the organisation process openSUSE developed the Open Source Event Manager (OSEM). The goal of this project is to extend OSEM with a dashboard for conference organizers.
  • Open Source Event Manager (OSEM): Refactor user management model OSEM is used by openSUSE and other projects to organize events, but the whole model for users and permissions management have evolved in an undirected way, and now it really needs a major rethinking and refactoring for the two models, "user" and "person". Also there is only a limited number of roles, which are also not clearly defined.
  • OpenSUSE GSOC ideas: Cool live flash I would like to join the OpenSUSE GSoC team to implement the "cool live flash" idea. Back in the days I started out with playing around live images, and even now I use them weekly. Not because of reinstalls, but because they provide a comfortable way to test-drive a new system, to test out new features, and even to rescue a system. This project could provide a way to test new bug-test, to test regressions, and have an install or rescue disc. All on one drive, with convenience included
  • ownCloud Calendar Application in angularJS The Calendar application is one of the most used apps ownCloud has. The project proposes to rewrite the calendar application in angularJS in order to achieve a much better extensibility and maintainability. Combined with the JSON API currently on the rework branch, it will provide an rich and full-featured easy-to-use interface for the users.
  • Playlist Functionality for ownCloud Music App Playlist functionality is to be added to ownCloud Music Application. Basic playlist features such as adding, renaming, removing and song addition/removal operations will be added.
  • Travel Support Program application The Travel Support Program(TSP) is a web application, based on Ruby on Rails that has been developed to manage the requests and reimbursements for various conferences such as openSUSE Conference,KDE e.V. Travel Cost Reimbursement,etc. It is currently being used to manage the openSUSE Travel Support Program, however there is a need for generalization of the design so that other organizations can also start using the application to suit their needs. This is the prime goal of the project.