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Mifos Initiative

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The Mifos Initiative is a 501(c)3 non-profit incorporated in Washington state whose mission is to speed the elimination of poverty by enabling financial service providers to more effectively and efficiently deliver responsible financial services to the world’s 2.5 billion poor and unbanked. We guide the development of the Mifos X platform, an open platform for financial inclusion with a suite of simple configurable apps hosted in the cloud. We are a community of financial service providers, technology specialists, financial services experts and open source developers working together to grow this platform. Mifos X consists of 1) the platform (A RESTful back-end which talks to a to a MySQL database and is built on the Jersey/Spring/JPA stack) and 2) the community app (AngularJS app which provides support for the most commonly used financial inclusion models) as well as 3) RESTful APIs from our platform accessing all the core underlying functionality to enable the community to quickly build their own enterprise grade financial inclusion products/apps on any technology stack.


  • Application for Mifos X project My name is Oleg Dolidze and i would like to participate in Mifos X project. I’m undergraduate student at Georgian Technical university and my study area is Informatics and Control Systems. I previously have worked in a similar open source project and I have experience working with Pentaho reporting,Java,MySQl and Hibernate.
  • Batching Requests in mifos X The Mifos X Batch API enables a consumer to access significant amounts of data in a single call or to make changes to several objects at once. Batching allows a consumer to pass instructions for several operations in a single HTTP request. A consumer can also specify dependencies between related operations. Once all operations have been completed, a consolidated response will be passed back and the HTTP connection will be closed.
  • Client Impact Portal For a Microfinance institution it is useful to have a way of presenting overall client details and other institution details in a high level manner. This information may be useful to external parties that involve with the institutions such as funders and investors. Idea of this project is to provide such a capability to Mifos using a Client Impact Portal. This project consists of both the backend support and frontend for the user who intend to retrieve high level detail of the institutions.
  • Extend Community app to run on Mobile devices with Offline Support In this project I will work on extending its support across mobile platforms. I will be using Apache Cordova, Ionic Framework which is build over AngularJS. Major advantage of using Ionic Framework is that the Community-App is also made in AngularJS so the logic (controllers, services, directives etc.) will almost remain same, just major changes will be changing the views. This way it will be easier to manage the code and we will be efficiently reusing the existing code.
  • Integrated Data Import/Export Tool with MifosX platform Currently there is standalone web-app and used for importing bulk data like clients, groups, loan and saving accounts and transactions into the system. But this standalone web application doesn’t provide import functionalities for full database. When migrating from one database to another database it’ll be easy to use data import/export tool rather than manual data extraction and configurations. Also since it is standalone web app, it’s hard to integrate with the community app.
  • Mobile Field Office Planner Project Through this project I'd like to develop an android app that consumes the MifosX api and provides a field officer with functionalities that could reduce the use of paper, easier task tracking and management. Enable the app to work offline and sync it with the cloud.
  • PAYGoSol A pay-as-you-go solar module for MIFOSX.