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Crystal Space

License: GNU Library or "Lesser" General Public License (LGPL)

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Crystal Space is an Open Source and portable 3D Engine Framework. It is a strong and active project with many side projects (like Crystal Entity Layer and AresEd game editor). Crystal Space is very powerful, extensible and flexible. It uses OpenGL for rendering and supports advanced features like CG shaders, skeletal animation with ragdoll, support for physics using bullet or ODE, 3D sound using OpenAL, terrain engine, particle systems, and a lot more. Crystal Space is written in C++ but has high quality bindings for Python even allowing the creation of full 3D applications in this language.


  • A GUI Terrain Editor using cseditor framework in Crystal Space A GUI Terrain Editor using the cseditor framework that aims to provide functionality to define terrain properties like cell size and count , allow heightmap modification and has the ability to paint splatting textures and decals on the terrain. Also includes the feature of saving and loading terrain properties.The project aims at uncomplicating the process of terrain generation,and aims to increase the time actually deciding how the terrain looks , rather than worrying about the code behind it.
  • Improve the analyser and transcoder support of the DAMN-AT module. Sometimes because of hardware constraints or user needs it is necessary to convert media to different format for (pre)viewing or use in graphics. My project aims at extending the damn-analyzers and transcoders for different types of media types. Once this feature is added, DAMN-AT can be used for analyzing and trans-coding images to various types of formats. Also, one will be able to generate thumbnails(png/jpeg) from audio, images and video files.
  • Shadow Mapping Improvements The project aims at improving Deferred Renderer performance and support for Dynamic Shadows in the Forward Renderer.