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Google Summer of Code 2014

Copyleft Games

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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We promote entertainment software licensed under copyleft licenses such as the GNU General Public License. Our primary project is PySoy, a 3d cloud game engine designed to promote easy game development.


  • AndrĂ© Lourenço - PySoy Wii U Game-pad support I want to work on a Wii U GamePad Support for pysoy. This will allow users and developers to play any game made with pysoy through the GamePad.
  • Developing PySoy and Blazing a Trail for Tomorrow's Game Creators I intend to make a basic 2.5d sidescroller, with weight/physics related puzzles and multiple levels about a penguin stuck in the Sahara. The levels will be blocky and basic. Prep: Getting familiar with engine and community. Basic art to be done as well. Midterm: I hope to have all the big engine modifications and additions made at this point. Final: I will be looking for ways to further improve the project and engine.
  • Space Game The target of this project is to create a space game with PySoy adding the necessary features to the engine. The first half of the project is to add general functionality to the soy.scenes.Space class to enable rendering and physics simulation of such outer space scenes and create a simple game with it, where you can fly around and shoot asteroids. The second part of the project extends this game and the functionality by improving a specific area of the game which is either graphics or AI.
  • Support for bookmarking games and recent games list Currently in pysoy the games are playable using the the client. But, the problem is that each time the user has to find the link to the game in order to play it. If all the games are cataloged in a single place this problem won't arise. But a game may be found anywhere in the internet. So, it would be convenient to the users if they can bookmark their favorite games in their accounts. Next time wherever they may be, by simply logging in users can play their favorite games.
  • Transition away from ODE to a derivative physics engine I will remove ODE from the code base by creating a physics engine that is based off of ODE's model and current code. The engine will also be sped up by removing redundant processing. This will allow for network synchronization between client and server.