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Google Summer of Code 2014


License: New and Simplified BSD licenses

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BuildmLearn is a group of volunteers who collaborate to promote m-Learning with the specific aim of creating open source tools and enablers for teachers and students. The group is involved in developing easy to use m-Learning solutions, tool-kits and utilities for teachers (or parents) and students that help facilitate learning. The group comprises several like minded members of a wider community who collaborate to participate in a community building process.


  • Android App to learn geography. To develop an android application which will be utilizing the location and map services of the Android OS.
  • BuildmLearn Tell The Time Application This GSoC project aims to make a mobile game application targetted at children 4-10 year olds. It is an educational game titled Tell the Time that seeks to teach children about time in an interactive and graphical manner. It will make use of Unity to develop the game. It will teach children how to calculate the difference between two times, two dates and so forth. It consists of a few levels of difficult, each with different question standards to train the children.
  • Porting and reworking the BuildmLearn Toolkit for Linux, OS2 and Mac OS X BuildmLearn Toolkit is application which allows its users to generate Android applications based on templates. Application was so far developed primarily for Windows platform and is not mature. I would like to rewrite the application, stabilize its code base and port it to Linux, OS2 and Mac OS X.