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Google Summer of Code 2013 Swathanthra Malayalam Computing

Porting remaining modules & separation of template dependencies in flask based silpa

by Nithin Saji for Swathanthra Malayalam Computing

The original SILPA project was a monolithic app with a fair number of dependencies and provide a large number of language processing tools.The project is currently being rewritten so that the tools can be separated and used by anyone and a flask based app which makes use of these modules to provide a web interface for these tools as well as a JSONRPC interface for other applications to make use of these tools.The current implementation requires the templates to be included in the template folder of the main Flask based app.My job will be to restructure individual modules by including their templates in their respective python packages,re-write SILPA flask to use the template files from the python package and also port the rest of the modules to the new format by creating templates and packaging them as well as testing them