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Google Summer of Code 2013 Crowdsourcing Biology at the Scripps Research Institute

Convert Gene Wiki Bot to write to Wikidata

by Chinmay Naik for Crowdsourcing Biology at the Scripps Research Institute

Pygenewiki(Gene Wiki Bot) automatically creates/updates ProteinBox Templates which form the infoboxes of gene wiki articles. It retrieves information about genes from databases (such as NCBI, HUGO etc),populates the ProteinBox Templates with this gene information which are then inserted into gene Wiki articles. Wikidata is free knowledge database aimed to provide structured data easily accessible to anyone. The new proposed bot would capture particular gene information onto a wikidata item and map it to the corresponding gene article. This will help to create structured data about genes in an easily accessible database. Also, other aspects about a gene such as its relationship with other genes, diseases etc can also be captured.