GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2013 Oregon State University Open Source Lab (OSUOSL)

Adding Visualization to Clusters, Nodes and Virtual Machines in Ganeti Web Manager

by Pranjal Mittal for Oregon State University Open Source Lab (OSUOSL)

Ganeti clusters consist of several nodes, each of which may host multiple Virtual Machines. A lot of information on the topology and arrangement of Nodes and Virtual Machines is available through Ganeti which can be accessed via HTTP using the Ganeti RAPI Client. However, to make this information even more useful to the end user it would be great to show the information in the form on enticing Visual Graphical Models. The project objective is to use the important Node /VM/ Cluster information provided by Ganeti itself (via the Ganeti RAPI or via the GWM models), serialize it into convenient structures or mathematical graphical models and write templates and client side html5/css3, Javascript code to render Visual Graphs that show interconnection of nodes and interaction of Virtual Machines with the nodes to the administrator.