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Google Summer of Code 2013


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Chromium is an open-source browser project that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable way for all users to experience the web.


  • Add Multi-line text rendering support to RenderText RenderText is a class that is the base of Chromium UI elements that render text. Currently it is used as a part of the "views textfield" which is used to implement the Omnibox and is the default text edit control on Chromium OS and Aura Win. RenderText currently supports a single line of text. This project aims to add the capability to render multi-line texts to RenderText.
  • Develop a standalone GUI for running Dr. Memory The purpose of this project will be to provide a stand-alone graphical interface that will allow a user to launch Dr. Memory, configure command-line parameters, and view the report, in an intuitive and easy to use manner. It will also provide an interface for visualizing the data presented by Dr. Heapstat. It will incorporate the features provided by the old tool, but will also aim to add a few features as well.
  • Dr. Memory Hybrid Native and Non-Native Execution Dr. Memory's performance overhead for instrumentation is not trivial. It would be beneficial to be able to instrument only a portion of the code, and natively execute the rest resulting in greater performance and start up time.
  • Implement Google Drive client as a Chrome App Write a Chrome app that can sync your files with Google Drive, running on different platforms Chrome Apps support. This includes the app itself and proposing and implementing related Chrome APIs.
  • SPDY COMPLIANCE TESTS There has been a push in recent years to standardize a successor to the HTTP protocol in the form of httpbis, which is based on SPDY, an open transport level networking protocol developed at Google. The project aims to develop a suite of tests to validate that a SPDY client or server conforms to the specification.
  • System-wide hot key api support for platform app. Enable the app developer to define a system-wide hotkey that invokes his app. These seem to be popular with screenshot apps, IM clients, etc.
  • SystemInfo Storage "watch" API Implementation Chromium SystemInfo API is a set of web interfaces for Chrome Packaged App to query the hardware devices information and monitor the change events. The development of SystemInfo storage API is now in process. This project will implement new "watch" API for, including addWatch(), getAllWatch(), removeWatch(), removeAllWatch() functions. The new "watch" API will provide a more powful way for chrome packaged app to monitor storage devices change events.