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XWiki is an open source software development platform based on the wiki principles, under the LGPL license. In addition to being a full-featured wiki, it is also a second generation wiki allowing effortless development of collaborative web applications. On top of this platform a plethora of applications are developed, targeted mainly on aiding enterprise-level needs.

XWiki has a vibrant community of developers and users, consisting of individual users as well as organizations around the world that are using XWiki for their own Communities and Intranets.

Within XWiki, the development involves several levels: serverside platform programming in Java with Servlet technologies, serverside application development in Velocity, Groovy, CSS and HTML, RIA development in GWT, and clientside development in JavaScript.

We propose projects that cover serverside Servlet programming, rich application development on the clientside, usability and performance improvements.


  • Creating a Responsive skin for XWiki Today, displays have been evolving on an exponential scale. From 320-1366px, there is a sundry of displays to view websites from. The goal of this project is to make XWiki accessible across all screens by manipulating size and layout of the design to best fit the context. Responsive design have the advantage of matching every size because of its fluid nature (% based), and is thus more feasible than creating specific size targets (which Responsive design still include), which changes too often.
  • Improve Google Android XWiki Connector Google Android XWiki Connector was the first step for XWiki mobility. Idea is to improve on this to introduce an XWiki mobile Platform where developers can build there own applications on top of it.XWiki Mobile Platform will lie on top of current Google Android XWiki REST connector.We will have the fully functional XWiki mobile blogging application built on top of it. This will feature an android WYSIWYG text editor as a reusable UI element.
  • SOLR search component The objective of this project is to exploit the Apache SOLR search engine as indexing and search engine for XWiki. XWiki is a very flexible wiki, in use in massive or small sites, with both highly structured and/or very textual content. This flexibility should be in the SOLR component: Based on SOLR's schema and complementary information, the indexing process should be customizable to only index and store as little information as needed. Through code customizability (exploiting the possibility of Groovy code in pages), the transformation of a user-query to a SOLR query should be adjustable, far beyond the simple text-parsing (enabling, for example, the prohibition of some spaces, or the conversion to multiple fields based on input parameters) Finally, this component should support calibrating the search engine's parameter (such as the Dismax' parser coefficients, the analyzers usefulness, ...) by classical quantitative methods such as precision-and-recall, which any wiki master, or a collaborator, should be able to exploit and report with.