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SWIG is a tool for making it easy to expose C/C++ code for use from a variety of high level programming languages. The idea is to feed C/C++ header files into SWIG and SWIG then generates the 'glue' code so that your C/C++ library can be used from another language such as Python, Java, C#, Ruby, Perl etc. Currently, there are implementations for supporting over 20 different target languages.


  • Enhance Objective C support SWIG contains experimental support for generating Objective C wrappers (added as part of GSoC 2009), which can be used to make C/C++ objects available to MacOS X applications (and iPhone,iPad) . The Objective C module is mostly functional, but has some rough edges and unimplemented features. The goal of this project is to finish the work done on the gsoc2009-ashishs99 branch and to bring the Objective C module to a state where it can be merged into SWIG trunk.
  • Get the C backend in shape and into trunk As many of you know, the C backend has been there at least since 2008. Apparently the GSoC term back in 2008 wasn't long enough to make sure that it is ready to be merged into trunk. I'd like to change this.
  • New module for Javascript This project aims to add Javascript as a new supported target language to swig to automate the generation of Javascript wrappers over C++.
  • Source Code Documentation Commets As says the proposal, I need to complete the work started in 2008's GSoC, to implement Doxygen-style documentation comments converting for many SWIG's output languages.