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SimpleCV is a Python interface to several powerful open source computer vision libraries in a single convenient package. With it, your software can have access to high level algorithms in feature detection, filtering, and pattern recognition in a unified framework. Forget about bit depths, file formats, color spaces, buffer management, eigenvalues, and matrix vs bitmap storage.


  • Automatic segregation of conveyor belt items using SimpleCV Automating the process of removal of garbage/debris (unwanted items) from conveyor line systems in factory workflows, thereby segregating wanted & unwanted items. Outliers are identified by an independent feature extraction scheme & tracked along the conveyor belt using TLD algorithm till they are removed.
  • Integrating Stereo Vision in SimpleCV The projects aims at implementation of Stereo Vision package and building basic extensions (Solving Tickets) in SimpleCV. Project is planned to be developed on Python programming language. Stereo Vision is a way of getting depth(3D) information of a scene from two or more 2D Images.
  • Optimization of Web Interface and Development of Mobile Apps The idea of my project is to work on SimpleCV's mobile applications and web interface, improving them to the point that using the power and versatility of SimpleCV to perform various tasks is just plain simple.