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Raxa is an organization dedicated to creating an open-source healthcare information system and an electronic medical record for mostly poor, sometimes illiterate, patients and their overworked providers who are always in need of reliable health information. We are focused on people in India and in developing countries, but our system is applicable across the globe. On a day-to-day basis, some of the major improvements promised by our system include providing (1) effective access to and ownership of health information, including by voice (2) patient health-seeking behavior decision support and provider clinical decision support and (3) communication between doctors, public health specialists and mobile community health workers. Our vision is to improve, collaborate, and inter-operate with as many other key open medical systems as possible, such as OpenMRS, MoTeCH, and others. Our conviction is that electronic health systems are certainly the way of the future, and that their adoption is even more vital, impactful, and scalable in developing countries.


  • Front-end development of Registration & Lab Module I plan to create Registration and Laboratory modules for Raxa. Registration Module is kept on the highest priority which needs to be very user-friendly with easy navigation to make sure fast registration to quickly process long queue of Patients. Though work on Registration has already been started,but lot of work is still pending. Laboratory Module is another important module with features required in regular Hospital Laboratory. The project involves working on Sencha ExtJS 4.1 , Sencha Touch 2 , Javascript, MySql and most importantly using REST services of OpenMRS. We are using Jasmine Test for behavior driven testing. Latest deployment can be seen at
  • Lab Administration Pages This project aims to provide a UI for administering the Laboratory module of the Raxa EMR using JSP and JQuery in correspondence with the Spring MVC framework. Focus will be on providing complete configurability of the system’s catalog of tests and all related objects – such as preconditions, test results and their interpretation and relevant specimen types for the test. At the same time high priority will be given to maximise usability across different devices.
  • User Interface for Outpatient Module User Interface for Outpatient Module in Raxa JSS EMR providing easy handling of managing Patient-Doctor meeting