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phpBB Forum Software

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phpBB is a free and open source forum software written in PHP. The latest version of phpBB provides support for a variety of database engines (PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server), an extensible permissions system with user groups, hierarchical subforums, file attachment, plugins, and various notification options (e-mail, Jabber, ATOM feeds).


  • Attachment Improvements The goal of this proposal is to utilise Javascript to improve phpBB's attachment system. It will allow for the implementation of multiple uploads (either simultaneously or in a queue) that can occur in the background without any page refreshes. Further to this, a tool for downloading all the attachments in a post or in the whole topic will also be implemented.
  • Auth Plugin Refactoring & User Integration This project aims to add support for third party login and integration with phpBB. It will be compatible with multiple third party services. The ability for plugin writers to easily add support for other services will be a top priority in the structure of the code. It will allow users to authorize and deauthorize a third party service to be used to login. It will also allow the board administrator to choose which, if any, of the third party services to support.
  • Search Backend Refactoring The project aims at implementing a proper redesigned structure for search backend that allows search backend to modify the search user interface and proper abstraction to remove code duplication. It also involves integration of Sphinx and PostgreSQL Fulltext search into the PHPBB core.