GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2012 Open Lighting Project

Web Based RDM Tests & Integration with the RDM Index

by Ravindra Nath Kakarla for Open Lighting Project

Testing of RDM responders is a crucial task to check whether they conform to E1.20 specification. Currently the Open Lighting Project provides a python script '' which performs tests on various RDM responders patched to the given universe. This script internally depends on 'ResponderTest' class which forms the part of the testing framework. The beauty lies in the fact that this class can be extended to write tests for new RDM devices which are not covered by the framework. As it involves a routine task of writing, running and seeing the test results, this can be automated and a web UI can be built to simplify the process. The second part of the project expands the '' script to automatically update the responder details to the RDM product index.