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MoinMoin Wiki

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The MoinMoin project is developing a popular wiki engine in Python.

Wikis are getting more and more important for the communication infrastructure of OSS groups all over the world. Especially groups like Apache, Ubuntu, Python, Debian, Xen, Kernel Newbies, (de), etc. are using MoinMoin to keep the contact going with their users and developers and for documentation.

We are currently working on the next major release "moin2", which is quite different from 1.x internally, much cleaner, more powerful and more fun to code for. There is still a lot to do before we can release it, you can help us with that!

If you have a passion for Python, Wikis, creating good code, good userinterface - join us!



  • Blog implementation The project aims to provide MoinMoin with simple, but reasonable Blog feature. Using some metadata, some views and queries we could do it in MoinMoin 2.0.
  • Improving themes of MoinMoin2 Improving the built in themes of MoinMoin2 and porting the solenoid theme to jinja2.
  • Issue tracker This project aims to make it possible to use moin2 as a simple but usable issue tracker. It will utilize and possibly extend moin2's abilities of metadata handling, searching and indexing. Flatland will be employed extensively to handle the rendering and editing of metadata in a consistent and elegant way. All of the development work will be done as reusably as possible, so that other components of moin2 (instead of just the issue tracker use case) would benefit.