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JBoss Community

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JBoss Community is a community of Open Source Projects.


In the previous years, we participated under the Fedora Community program for GSOC.  Starting 2012, we are starting as an independent organization.


JBoss community has been doing open source development since 1999/2000. It has good infrastructure and experience in place, to manage GSOC projects.


  • .NET client for the Hot Rod wire protocol A .NET framework based client for accessing infinispan servers via Hot Rod wire protocols.
  • A Jenkins plugin to visualize Jacoco code coverage reports JaCoCo is a tool which generates code coverage reports based on Java unit tests. The project is about writing a Jenkins plugin to visualize JaCoCo code coverage reports.
  • Automated Visual Verification Testing is important part of development. It is a procedure we need to perform many times, that is why there are many tools to automate it. There are cases where it is not that easy, like Visual Verification. Normally we need real person to check whether the web page looks good or not. The goal of this project is to write a tool that allows to easily review set of automatically collected screenshots generated by tests, and also improve existing comparision algorithms.
  • Extend Arquillian to support Spring testing (beans and MVC controllers) Arquillian provides an extensible testing platform that can be used for testing any type of Java-based component. The initial focus for Arquillian was testing Java EE components, such as CDI beans, EJBs and JPA. However, Arquillian provides all the infrastructure and hooks necessary to make it an ideal testing platform for Spring applications. So the main of this project would be introducing suport for Spring testing.
  • Implement a Plugin to add "Undo" functionality to Forge The undo plugin will offer the user the functionality to restore the contents of files in the forge project, after one of the forge commands modifies it. The undo uses a separate git branch to accomplish this.
  • Implement an RHQ agent in Python The project focuses on implementing an RHQ agent written in Python programming language. The agent will gather metrics provided by Matahari running on a Fedora/RHEL system and pass the data to an RHQ server via a REST api.
  • Implement human task as a process in jBPM5 Human tasks can be an important part of a business process, when human actors need to participate. jBPM5 uses a human task service (based on the WS-HumanTask specification) to manage the life cycle of these task. The idea is to manage this life cycle using jBPM5 itself, so that a human task is represented as a process.
  • Replace old graphs in RHQ with GWT ones Replace old graphs in RHQ with GWT with ability to define a formula that translates the graph on the fly and combining multiple metrics via formula.