GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2012 GNU Project

GNU Radio - DRM receiver

by Felix Wunsch for GNU Project

The purpose of this project is to implement a DRM Receiver for GNU Radio. DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) is a standard that is used for digital HF broadcasting (High Frequency: from 0.3 to 30 MHz). Because of the interesting physical electromagnetic wave properties of HF channels, DRM transmissions can be used for global communications. A GNU Radio DRM receiver would hence be of use for anyone anywhere in the world interested in radio communications. An upcoming extension of DRM, DRM+, uses VHF/UHF broadcasting (Very High Frequency: 30 - 300 MHz and Ultra High Frequency: 300 - 3000 MHz), that might well replace analog FM broadcasting in the long run. A starting point for development is the existing code base of the DREAM project. Porting this code to GNU Radio will yield many signal processing blocks that are necessary in any communication system and will allow easy extension and improvement of the standard. For example, a global data communication link could be created with GNU Radio by replacing the payload with IP packets.