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Drupal is a web content management system and web application framework written in PHP. It is also a vibrant, growing, and fun community of programmers, activists and communicators. The core Drupal software is a framework to power community driven web site software, and includes features such as internationalization, tagging, and an extensive roles and permissions system. The highly extensible architecture supports well over a thousand sub-projects in the form of contributed modules and themes, so there's something here for everyone.


  • Auto Tagging Articles using Semantic Analysis/ Topic Modelling The idea is to implement an auto tagging feature that provides tags automatically to the user depending upon the content of the post. The tags get populated via ajax on the press of a button.
  • Enhancing Feedback module (D7) The goal of this project is to enhance the popular Feedback module which is already used in over 2346 sites. In this project various useful features like visual feedback system and Web Annotation will be added to Feedback module. Screenshots of webpage will be sent to site administrator, similar to the new Google Feedback Tool used in many Google Products like Google+, Blogger.
  • ENHANCING SECURE CODE REVIEW MODULE The Project aims at enhancing the Secure Code Review module by: • Developing additional security reviews in the secure code review module. • Developing parsed based routines to find the vulnerable usage of the functions of source code of module. • Developing Taint injection module to inject data into input fields. • Displaying security review results
  • Extend microdata support to contrib field types This project aims at adding support for microdata to some of the most used field types in contrib. To accomplish this, each appropriate field will be modified to support microdata configuration, and the field formatter will be modified to generate microdata output.
  • Help Topic module for the Drupal Documentation Team and for the help system I will implement the “Help Topic” module that will - according to the plans of the Drupal Documentation Team - serve as the foundation of the “curated documentation” system and will be part of a better help system for Drupal 8.
  • Improving RESTful Web Services This proposal aims to improving the module RESTful Web Services to a more stable state by fixing bugs and adding new features. RestWS allows Drupal to expose it's data as web services based on the principles of Representational state transfer (REST).
  • Materialization Plugin for Views This project aims to write a materialization plugin for Views. It creates a "materialized view" for a "view", and then materialize the results into temporary tables. And then, the following Views calls would be redirected to the materialized view. The changes would be made to the materialized view, when data in the view changes (or sometimes even drop the entire materialized view)
  • Phone / SMS / VoIP integration with Drupal Commons Commons integration to expand the capacity of the intranet to reach out to its members via regular phone and SMS, increasing accessibility, inclusion and participation.
  • Port Og_panels to D7 and Improve Message notify to make it the source of email notifications Providing customizable Group homepages by updating the OG_Panels module to Drupal 7 and "Making it possible to reply to GDO notifications through email by integrating message notify and mailcomment.module"
  • Preparing Menu Block Module for Drupal 8 Core Preparing the Menu Block module for Drupal 8 core by updating the contrib module to use new D7 menu APIs. Having the Menu Block module functionality, a very popular module, a part of Drupal core has been a long-term desire of the Drupal community.
  • Sales Reports for Drupal Commerce Drupal Commerce is used to build eCommerce websites and applications of all sizes. It was built with a framework mindset, focusing what you can build with it. The project is currently maintained by Ryan Szrama and the Commerce Guys. The goal of this project is to develop a complementary module that integrates with Commerce and that offers Sales statistics. The module would be heavily backed by Views and it would get released simultaneously with the 2.x branch of Commerce Kickstart.
  • Search API Statistics Search API is a very widely used module that provides a framework for easily creating searches on any entity known to Drupal with faceting support, using any search engine. I propose to create a module, that could integrate with Search API and Facet API and would collect and evaluate search statistics and represent them in a viewer-friendly form. A module with similar functionality - Apache Solr Statistics - already exists for Apache Solr Search Integration Module. There are some requests for such a functionality for Search API.
  • Translation Management Tools Server Push Translation Management Tools project to an even more advanced level with a Translation Management server component. This will allow Translators / Translation service providers to use Drupal as a Management system to get translation jobs from other Drupal instances and do the translation work in their own system. With even a small distribution, this product is a few clicks away for end users!