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XWiki is an open source software development platform based on the wiki principles, under the LGPL license. In addition to being a full-featured wiki, it is also a second generation wiki allowing effortless development of collaborative web applications. On top of this platform a plethora of applications are developed, targeted mainly on aiding enterprise-level needs.

XWiki has a vibrant community of developers and users, consisting of individual users as well as organizations around the world that are using XWiki for their own Communities and Intranets.

Within XWiki, the development involves several levels: serverside platform programming in Java with Servlet technologies, serverside application development in Velocity, Groovy, CSS and HTML, RIA development in GWT, and clientside development in JavaScript.

We propose projects that cover serverside Servlet programming, rich application development on the clientside, usability and performance improvements.

Our code repository can be found here:


  • Auto Completion in Content Editors Design auto-completion and auto-suggestion features for xwiki editor and WYSIWYG rich text editor in order to speed up content editing for both editors.
  • Google Android Client for XWiki The purpose of this project is to develop a comprehensive android library which will allow android applications to communicate with a remote XWiki instance. This library will enable android applications to both query and perform other authoring tasks from compatible devices; functionality of the library will be demonstrated with a sample application which utilizes the said library.
  • XEclipse “RESTification” Currently I am a fourth year Ph.D. student in the department of Computer Science, University of Georgia, USA. After reading through the descriptions of proposed projects, XEclipse "RESTification" is of great interest to me. This project involves communication via SOAP and REST-ful Web services and is developed in Eclipse SWT platform, therefore, I might be a potential match for this project based on my skill set.