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Universal Subtitles

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Universal Subtitles is a project to enable collaborative subtitling and translation for every video on the net. Specifically, Universal Subtitles is a...

Javascript Widget for Collaborative Subtitling

We've built a JS widget for creating and playing subtitles that you can embed in any page. This lets people transcribe videos, sync subtitles, and submit translations to our site. It also lets you watch the subtitles in any page. It works with Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Blip, Flowplayer, JW Player and all HTML5 video (h264 and WebM) for now.  The widget is built using Google Closure.

Collaborative Subtitling Site

We've made a subtitle community site (in Django, available under the AGPL) that stores the subtitles and provides a place to watch videos and collaborate. You can download subtitles in any format, view revision history for subtitles, and follow videos (or specific subtitle sets) to receive notifications of new changes.  You can also comment on subs, and message other users.  Check it out:

Non-profit, mission-driven project  to strengthen bottom-up media

We want to make it easy for online video made by individuals and small organizations to get professional quality subtitles.  We believe we can eliminate language and accessibility barriers to any popular web video.

The project is run by the nonprofit Participatory Culture Foundation, and has received support from Mozilla, the MacArthur Foundation, and others. Over 15,000 videos have been submitted to the site, and the New York Times recently used our subtitling widget in their middle east coverage (check it out). Popular videos for other free and open source projects like Mozilla and Drupal have received volunteer translations into dozens of languages (like this Drupal 7 video).

We're making a new way for the deaf and hard of hearing to participate in web video, and a new way for video to reach across cultures-- all based on free and open source software and volunteers who help translate videos they care about.


  • Request Subtitles functionality After this implementation, users will be able to specify there requirements for new or improvement in subtitles of one or more language for a video. The system would let the volunteers find videos to work on easily using the subtitles requests which are posted.