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Electronic Frontier Foundation/The Tor Project

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), founded in 1990, works in the public interest to protect fundamental civil liberties in the digital age. The Internet and other communication technologies can herald the most liberating era of human history---or the most regulated and controlled. The EFF works to defend our basic rights to free speech, privacy and free and open communications, and advocates for sane policies on digital copyright, software patents and electronic voting. EFF is a membership supported organization with 29 full-time staff. The Tor Project is a free-software non-profit project to build an anonymity toolkit used by individuals, companies, governments, and law enforcement around the world. The Tor network has grown since its start in 2002 to several hundred thousand active users pushing over 6Gbps of traffic. The Tor Project has a staff of 17 developers, researchers, and advocates, plus several dozen volunteers who help out on a daily basis. This proposal is a combined submission from EFF and Tor.


Our code repository can be found here:


  • Blocking-resistant Transport Evaluation Framework Tor's long-term viability as a censorship circumvention tools will depend on the ability of the protocol to bypass increasingly sophisticated blocking techniques such as Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). There is a proposal for adding blocking resistance to Tor through pluggable transports. However, how do we know which transport is best? I propose an evaluation framework for testing the effectiveness of transports against various blocking techniques using sample Tor traffic.
  • Custom GDM3 startup menu, aka. tails-greeter Project c from Implement alteration of login prompter for GDM 3 in order to gather user's input needed for various parts of Tails.
  • GSoC : Orbot + ORLib I've decided to take up Orbot and ORLib and improve upon them. Orbot requires extensive UI/UX work to make the interface more simple and intuitive. Additional features such as implementing the TorCheck API , and data statistics need to be added to Orbot. ORLib is very minimal at the moment, with very less features and documentation. More features need to be built into ORLib and also an example app should be made as a sort of primer for other third party apps to follow.
  • GTK+ Frontend and Client Mode Improvements for arm This project aims to build a GTK+ frontend for the command-line arm utility in order to increase its appeal for general users. To increase its usefulness in non-relay situations various client mode usage cases shall be implemented in both interfaces.
  • Meta-data anonymizing toolkit for file publication Hello, I am Julien Voisin, undergraduate computer science student from France, and I'd like to apply for the "Meta-data anonymizing toolkit for file publication" project!
  • Open Source Security Apply security engineering to open-source software, discovering vulnerabilities. Integrating with EFF staff, I will help with the pilot project of exploring security risks within instant messaging clients Pidgin/Finch and Adium, and their associated client libraries LibPurple, and libxml2.
  • Pluggable transports Implement the pluggable transports spec. Implement a couple of transport protocols, if the time allows it.