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Google Summer of Code 2011


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StatusNet is the Open Source microblogging platform. We create a LAMP-stack program for sharing short messages, photos, events, and other data with your followers. Our OStatus protocol lets people on different networks follow each other.


  • Foursquare/Gowalla Lite Geosocial services like Foursquare and Gowalla let users enjoy Location-based social networking. But they are centralized and closed-source, this project aims to implement a similar but federated location-based game platform on top of StatusNet in the spirit of Federated Social Web. This will add one more *awesome* use case for StatusNet and help expand the user base (in its own humble way), hence adding value to the global OStatus network.
  • Integrating StatusNet with Google Apps – StatusNet as a social collaboration platform! This would open up whole new way of using StatusNet – not only as a federated microblogging but also as a social collaboration platform. Recently launched further proves potential of StatusNet as a springboard for social federated applications. Suggested integration enable authorization and use of Google Apps data such as Google documents and calendar inside StatusNet. This project would lead to more efficient collaboration among Google Apps users without flooding others' inboxes.
  • Pastebin Implementation Project This project is intended to implement a pastebin link to messages. When clicked, users can enter text or upload files. This data will be processed and sent to the pastebin servers to create a new file. From there, the url of the resulting page will be given back to the user and automatically inserted into their message. This will bypass character limits and allow people to quickly post code.
  • Social Analytics Plugin Data Visualizations allow you to look at the information around you without getting overwhelmed by it. They allow you to look at it from different angles, noticing trends that you otherwise wouldn't have noticed. This was the motivation behind my interest in the Social Analytics Plugin project for StatusNet as a part of GSoC 2010.