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Scilab is a scientific software package for numerical computations, a matrix-based scientific software package. Scilab contains hundreds of built-in mathematical functions, rich data structures (including polynomials, rationals,linear systems, lists, etc...) and comes with a number of specific toolboxes for control, signal processing, ... The software also provides Xcos, a graphical editor to design hybrid dynamical system models. Models can be designed, loaded, saved, compiled and simulated. Stable and efficient solution for industrial and academic needs, Xcos provides functionalities for modeling of mechanical systems (automotive, aeronautics...), hydraulic circuits (dam, pipe modeling...), control systems, etc. Modelica capabilities are also provided.


  • .NET called from Scilab I'd like to inroduce ability for calling .NET from Scilab and providing user with means for loading .NET-assemblies, getting info on types in this assemblies and methods, fields, properties and events of this types and invoking .NET objects. COM, CCW and .NET Reflection will be used.
  • Add a Scilab interface to the Dakota software Dakota ( is a software very used and usefull. It permits to apply optimization tools on complex systems for some worldwide company. Nevertheless, it doesn't use a Scilab interface, but just has only a Python / Matlab interface. Scilab and Dakota are open source solutions for lot of companies. So, it should be interesting to be able to launch a Dakota computation via a scilab interface.
  • Binary patching Develop an automatic update mechanism for Scilab. The idea is to use efficient binary patching algorithms in combination with regular diff for text files to make the amount of transferred data as small as possible.
  • CGAL The idea of this project is to upgrade CGLAB- the CGAL toolbox for Scilab to the current version of Scilab and CGAL. This useful module is no loger available for Scilab users, because some major changes have been made in both of this projects. My task will be to apply this modifications and make CGLAB useful again.
  • Developing Accurate and Portable Elementary Functions for Scilab Scilab is numerical computational package which is widely used for high precision scientific computing. Currently, the elementary functions in scilab use the ones provided by maths library of native compilers - Visual C on windows and gcc on linux. This project aims to provide a common math library on all platforms, at least for high precision requiring functions - sin, cos, pow etc., to ensure results with acceptable variations(if not exactly same) across different platforms.
  • Matlab MEX files and Python for GIWS Provide a wrapping of Matlab MEX-Files headers on API Scilab to make Matlab toolboxes easier to port to Scilab. Also, provide a simple way to use Python code in Scilab, like a C or C++ extension, using GIWS, a code generator to handle C++ comunication with other languages.
  • Support Scilab at Cantor Develop a backend for Scilab, one of the leading scientific programming environments, to Cantor, the graphical frontend for scientific programming environments in KDE SC.