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Google Summer of Code 2011


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The ReactOS Project develops an open source operating system which closely follows the Windows NT architecture and is binary compatible with its applications and drivers.


  • GDI font driver The proposed project is a GDI font driver, which can function as a replacement for the Adobe TypeManager font driver present in Window.
  • Kernel-Mode Test Suite The goal of this project is to lay the foundations for a ReactOS kernel-mode test suite. Inspired by Winetests, these tests will prove useful in verifying kernel completeness and compatibility with the NT kernel, and help prevent regressions. This way, the ReactOS kernel can benefit from test-driven development, just like the user-mode portion of the operating system benefits from Wine's test suite.
  • TCP/IP diriver replacement for ReactOS, using lwIP lwIP is a compact and highly stand-alone library implementing various network protocols. Due to its portability, it can be easily integrated into third party products such as a driver without complicating future updates. This will provide ReactOS with a flexible and improved driver on top of wich future versions can be built.
  • Themes support The purpose of this project is to implement all the missing functionallity that is needed in order to enahnace reactos user interface by using visual styles. Even though the bulk part of the themes support already works, the rest of the operating system neither utilizes it yet, nor lets the user configure it.