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Plone Foundation

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The Plone Foundation was formed in May 2004 to serve as a supporting organization for Plone. We provide support for the development and marketing of Plone, and are modeled after similar ventures such as the Apache Software Foundation. The Plone Foundation is the legal owner of the Plone codebase, trademarks, and domain names. Our goal is to ensure that Plone remains the premier open source content management system and that we broaden its acceptance and visibility.


  • Stanbol integration in Plone The purpose of my project idea is to integrate an rdfa compliant semantic search engine named Fise from the Apache Stanbol project into the Plone CMS.
  • Tabular content store An ability to store arbitrary pieces of tabular data, in the same way that PHP CMSes often have their databases abused for other things. A simple intranet solution for everything that is now uploaded as Excel files: equipment lists, book loans, etc. It's a list of items where members can add/edit columns and rows and of course data.
  • TinyMCE improvements TinyMCE integration with Plone is very important for an end user. Since TinyMCE was adapted as default editor, a lot can be done to improve it. Work is aimed mainly on revamping UX of image/link browser. More clean separation from Plone and editor itself, providing an API between. Fixing current bugs, upgrading to latest TinyMCE and add end user ability of switching between different presets of buttons is also a priority.