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Google Summer of Code 2011

OpenICC Color Management

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OpenICC consists of members from various open source projects, commercial vendors and color management experts who use the OpenICC email list as a meeting place to work out issues related to color management in the open source ecosystem. It was started by some Scribus team members to better support introduction of color management into applications and discuss general issues related to color management. List contributors are application and CMS developers as well as color management specialists and users, no matter whether commercial, open source and both together. The participants come from an exceptionally broad range of organizations and backgrounds. This includes many open source projects such as Scribus, GIMP, Inkscape, CUPS, OpenPrinting, XOrg, GutenPrint, KDE, GNOME, Krita, ArgyllCMS, LProf, LCMS, SANE, UFRAW and others. There are also many commercial organizations represented as well including Lexmark and Adobe. OpenICC also sponsors one of our members to participate as representive of OpenICC in the International Color Consortium (ICC).


  • API stabilization for Oyranos Colour Management System II Last summer, a big part of porting the alpha C api to a stable API/ABI of Oyranos Colour Management System was completed. Still, there are many things that need fixing, updating and more APIs imported for a fully functional port. This is a proposal for taking and completing the previous GSoC project's results, making it ready for wider use.
  • Color Management for the Common Printing Dialog (CPD) Until recently, the combination of a print dialog and color management has met very little attention in Linux. But given the significance of the current progress being made to the Common Printing Dialog (CPD), and the potential for more users to take printing on Linux much more seriously, there is simply no better time than now to extend CPD to include color management. This project hopes to accomplish such a task by bridging together the Oyranos CMS with the Common Printing Dialog.