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Moodle is working to develop the very best tool for online learning. Our software is a Learning Management System written in PHP, designed to help teachers facilitate communities of learners in a variety of interesting ways. Moodle is widely used around the world by universities, schools, companies and individuals. Many of our users take part in the community on and contribute with ideas, debate, testing, education, documentation, bug fixing, feature writing and everything else that makes an open source project function.

Our code repository can be found here: google-summer-of-code-2011-moodle


  • Moodle flavours This project purpose is to bring Moodle different flavours, allowing administrators to choose and load a flavour from a public repository. Every flavour could contain administration settings, Moodle plugins, sub-plugins, language packs and local language strings. The repository management could be done with a database module instance, that's not the project, the development to do is the flavour packaging and deployment system.
  • SCORM -Improve Reporting and 2004 Support The aim of this project is to improve reporting for the complete 1.2 scorm test suite for Moodle. This project also aims at taking Moodle a step further towards compatibility with 2004 test suit.
  • SCORM Test Harness to automatically run the SCORM ADL tests on the latest Moodle code This Project aims at automating all ADL SCORM 1.2 tests and some ADL SCORM 2004 tests and generating a user friendly HTML report displaying the results of the test. The results of the ADL SCORM 2004 tests will be used to find the ADL SCORM 2004 test failures and report bugs and write patches for the same.