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Google Summer of Code 2011


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The goal of this project is to create a framework for representing Open Source contribution workflows, such as the existing Google Summer of Code TM (GSoC) program. Using this framework, it will be possible to host future Google Summer of Code programs (and other similar programs, such as the Google Highly Open Participation TM Contest, or GHOP) on Google App Engine.


  • GUI Overhaul (Fronted and Administration Interfaces) GUI Overhaul (Fronted and Administration Interfaces). Goal to this project is to improve the newly melange UI so anyone who want to make a program similar to GSoC would benefit the easiness without any knowledge / hacking into the codebase.
  • Integration with external API's Melange data needs to be exported to/imported from Google Docs using Google APIs. There are various data types to be exported and imported. Melange represents plural data with lists. These lists are already exportable to CVS and should be exportable to Google SpreadSheets too. Documents and proposals also needs to be exportable to GDocs. All exported data should be imported in a similar way if required. This project aims to integrate Google APIs with Melange via OAuth authentication.
  • Testing, Code Guru and Quality Assurance The aim of the project is to add an extensive range of unit and functional tests for the logic and views of the SoC framework. Lack of sufficient number of tests for existing code is hindering the rapid development and delaying the adoption of a Test Driven Development by Melange. We aim to write a suite of tests which will enable developers to test their modified code on their machine itself prior to submitting it for review.