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Google Summer of Code 2011 - the Linux Kernel Organization

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The Linux Kernel Organization, more commonly known as, is the primary site for the Linux kernel source, but it has much more than just Linux kernels. We provide a multitude of services from the our mirrors of Linux distributions, wikis at to help with documentation, to help track kernel bugs, providing universal network booting to providing kernel related git hosting and providing the source code for the Android Linux distribution.


  • Etherboot/iPXE/gPXE ath9k Driver Extend wireless driver support to include Atheros 802.11n interface cards.
  • Reworking of My proposal is for a rewoking of the webpage, which includes but may not be limited to: -Cleaning up structure -Cleaning up code -Encapsulation of modules -Migrating perl code to PHP -Benchmarking different NoSQL databases -Migrating MySQL to the most suitable database from the above benchmark -Extending site making it more user friendly
  • Shoal The open source community relies on a vast array of mirrors to host downloads. While this works well, the current state makes it very difficult to gain information about downloads. The goal of this project is to continue work on Shoal, an open source client/server system for aggregating information about downloads from software mirrors. The client part of the system parses and extracts information from logs, which is repackaged in a suitable transmission format. The server is responsible for pro