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illumos is the fully open community fork of the OpenSolaris operating system.

Our goal is to foster open development of technologies for the 21st century while building on a twenty-year heritage, but free from the oversight of a single corporate entity and the resulting challenges thereof.

The source code developed by the project forms the foundation of distributions including Nexenta Core Platform, Joyent's new cloud platform, and OpenIndiana, which is also participating under the illumos umbrella.



OpenIndiana is a robust enterprise operating system, based on OpenSolaris.

It is open source, free to use, community developed, and suitable for servers and desktops.

illumos is the core of OpenIndiana, and we recommend downloading OpenIndiana for illumos development.



  • Rewrite Perl system software in C Some system software in Illumos are written in perl and due to which perl becomes its dependency. So to remove the dependency from it we have to rewrite the same system software in C.
  • Update illumos to boot with GRUB 2 and GPT label boot support This project will be about updating the GRUB of illumos from version 0.97 to 1.99. This will include fixing bootadm and beadm so that these commands update GRUB 2 configuration. Another part of this project will be adding support to boot from GPT (GUID Partition Table) on PC/BIOS to overcome the limitations of MBR partition table.