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The leading open source multimedia framework for Linux and Unix systems. Included on all major distributions together with GNOME and KDE and shipped on a wide range of embedded devices.


  • Animated effects, clip transformation and titles for PiTiVi Animated effects in PiTiVi. A possibility to transform clips with panning, zoom and rotation. Procedural clips like text and shapes. A final goal might be to have a PiTiVi where you can make rotating stars, becoming unfocused with a animated blur effect without the use of external assets.
  • Automated Compositing in PiTiVi using Optical Flow with GStreamer Making compositing fast and easy for the user will let independent filmmakers create effects that are too time consuming to create using existing open source software like the GIMP or Blender. This project will allow users to cut out layers in many frames of video quickly, allowing them to add partially-occluded objects into existing scenes and perform other effects like per-object color correction. This will be done via optical flow (motion vector) plugins for GStreamer and an UI for PiTiVi.
  • PiTiVi - Implementing Render Profiles, Video Uploading and GUI Enhancements I hope to implement: Rendering presets - Enable users to select their output format without codec/container knowledge. Also let us package a default set of presets. Should be able to export and import presets. Video Uploader - To directly upload video to services like YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and To code various GUI enhancements demanded by the PiTiVi community to make PiTiVi intuitive to use even for a video editing newbie.
  • Plugins for Editing GStreamer is a cross-platform pipeline-based multimedia framework extensible using plugins. It currently lacks plugins for performing automatic video and audio correction, such as noise reduction, colour correction, or camera shake correction. This project aims to create these plugins using already available open source code.