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Freenet Project Inc

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Freenet is free software which lets you anonymously share files, browse and publish "freesites" (web sites accessible only through Freenet) and chat on forums, without fear of censorship. Freenet is decentralised to make it less vulnerable to attack, and if used in "darknet" mode, where users only connect to their friends, is very difficult to detect or block.

Freenet Project Inc: Our non-profit organisation, which pays for servers, our one paid developer and so on.

See our web site for more details!


  • Anonymous private messages for WoT users My proposal is about extending Freemail to support the web of trust plugin in order to provide spam resistant and anonymous messaging. By reusing most of the design from Freemail it should be hard for others to know not only the content of messages, but also that someone are communicating. The web of trust plugin provides the foundation for both spam resistance and relatively easy integration with the rest of the Freenet ecosystem.