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Google Summer of Code 2011


License: Academic Free License 3.0 (AFL 3.0)

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The aim of the FOSSASIA community is to develop and adapt free and open source software for social change in Asia and all over the world and offering free tools for communication. One main focus of our projects is to provide tools for input and reading of local languages as well as font development. Another focus are simple gui configuration tools giving access to web content not widely available due to provider limitations or bandwidth. It is our goal to offer everyone the channels for communication traditionally reserved for telcos and media. We are also looking for GSOC applications that cooperate with existing projects adding gui support to applications, e.g. graphic interfaces for projects like sms server, thus making tools available for a wider public in Asia and globally. The FOSSASIA community is working exclusively with freely licensed software.


  • Appshell Appshell is an application framework that lets developers easily create application bundles of their applications.
  • Crypto Stick enhancements - enable easy usage with PKCS#11 compliant applications on a Linux system Crypto Stick is a safe storage for private key. It allows to store private key as easy as on USB dongle, but it prevents private key leak. One of standards for PKI storages is PKCS (Public-Key Cryptography System), which is made by RSA. My goal is to adapt OpenSC libraries (whose implements PKCS#11) to work with Crypto Stick.
  • Filesharing suitable for Mesh Networks Many people want to share files in our mesh network but they step into some problems: Existent major P2P solutions depend on the Internet ( like emule or torrent ) Most of major existent P2P solutions doesn't support ipv6 Folder sharing like samba doesn't provide efficient file search People prefer to share depending on relationships, for example you want share some photos with your school companion but not with your headmaster.