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Google Summer of Code 2011


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Our mission is:

To support local and recruit outside innovators by helping them implement demonstration projects that leverage fiber.

To create centers of gravity in Lafayette for foundational technologies to generate the intellectual capital needed for long-term economic growth.

To evangelize the benefits of fiber and encourage greater utilization within the community to enable a robust marketplace of consumers and investors.

To transform Lafayette into a test bed for next generation applications and services.

To tell Lafayette's story to the world.


  • A Framework for Incorporating Evidence from Social Media into Dynamic Real-Time Models This project proposes to develop an open source framework bridging existing social media, machine learning, analytic modeling, and natural language processing libraries. The prototype application that this project will develop to demonstrate the framework's usefulness will be a program that monitors Twitter feeds to predict breaking news stories before news organizations report on them.
  • Kinect for Home Automation I will use the Kinect to implement a home automation system.
  • Levee Health Monitoring and Surveillance (Real-time) When Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, the levees failed to protect the city. There's now an initiative to improve the monitoring systems for them. A student could create a system that analyzes stored input from sensors that are already in place for anomalies. This system would then alert the proper authorities through a variety of different means. For guidance on how to design such a system, seek out information on best practices for safety monitoring systems.
  • Population-level Informatics and Analytics for Improved Health Management As we know that now we got a lot of information and data but we do not have a good way to learn from these data. The purpose of this project will be good for us as to be able to extract information from the big collection of data and learn the tread from the data and be prepared for what to come next. This project will be something that is being missing out in the healthcare industry.