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Google Summer of Code 2011


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Elgg is an open source social networking framework. It provides the necessary functionality to allow you to run your own social networking site, whether publicly (like Facebook) or internally on an intranet (like Microsoft Sharepoint). Elgg is used by universities, governments, non-profits, commercial companies, teachers in their classrooms, and individuals.

Elgg was designed with an emphasis on extensibility, privacy, and collaboration. It is written in PHP and uses MySQL as its database and jQuery for front end scripting.

Our code repository can be found here:


  • Changing Elgg interface to support AJAX Elgg is a super flexible social networking engine. The current user interface has limited AJAX support. The main idea of this project is to update the user interface for adding AJAX support and implementing it in the base installation completely. I am going to spend my summer to AJAXify the pagination section, writing AJAX views for plugins, preparing documentation and manuals for writing plugins to use the new interface.
  • Social Web Services and Client Elgg has an extensible API for developing web services. Developers define functions and expose them through the general API. The API handles input, output, authentication, and security. There is not an available implementation of standard web services (posting a blog post, uploading files, getting status updates, notifications). In this project I aim to implement a set of web services methods using Elgg's API which can be used by developer’s to integrate their software with Elgg’s framework.